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February 3rd, 2014

Congress Set to Pass the Farm Bill

After months of negotiations, the House and Senate Farm Bill Conference Committee finally produced a compromise Farm Bill to reauthorize agricultural programs through 2018. Last Congress, the House and Senate were unable to compromise on a bill and had to settle for an extension of the existing 2008 Farm Bill. However, this extension had expired at the end of September putting pressure on lawmakers to complete a new Farm Bill before a new planting season. In fact, several key provisions including the dairy program had technically reverted to the 1949 law which could have resulted in the doubling of prices. However, the Department of agriculture had not enforced this law while the agreement was worked out.

On Wednesday, January 29th, the House passed the bill by a vote of 251-166 with support from both Republicans and Democrats. A majority of Democrats still opposed the bill due to the cuts to the SNAP while some 60 Republicans opposed due to their belief that the Bill spends too much money. The Senate will begin consideration of the bill on Monday, February 3rd and is expected to pass the bill in the next several days.

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