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March 19th, 2020

COVID-19 Legislative Update: Recap of Relief Legislation

There has been a lot of news coverage on the Congressional/Administrative response to COVID-19, so please see below for a quick summary of what has been passed and what is currently being negotiated.

Coronavirus I – HR 6074

  • Became law on 3/6/20
  • This legislation focused on getting funding to help the health care field address the crisis.
  • Provides $8.3 billion in all new funding for a robust response to the coronavirus, including support for state and local health agencies, vaccine and treatment development, and loans for affected small businesses to lessen the economic blow of this public health emergency.

Coronavirus II – HR 6201 (Families First Coronavirus Response Act)

  • Became law on 3/18/20
  • The $104 billion bill guarantees free coronavirus testing, provides paid leave; and strengthens food security initiatives through additional investments in WIC, food banks, and seniors nutrition. The bill also makes sure that children who depend on free and reduced-priced meals have access to food during school and child care closures.

Coronavirus III – Currently being negotiated

  • Will focus on stimulating the economy.
  • Could be introduced as soon as today.

Coronavirus IV – Currently being negotiated

  • Another economic stimulus bill that could cover areas not covered in Corona III/other issues that arise as the virus spreads.
  • Could reach up to $1 trillion in funding, including direct payments to individual Americans and bailouts for specific industries.

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