Shutdown Update: Day 5 >>

December 26th, 2018

Shutdown Update: Day 5

Shutdown Continues As President And Democrats Remain At Odds Over Funding For Wall

The federal government remains in a partial shutdown as federal workers begin to return from the Christmas holiday. The shut down affects approximately 800,000 government workers. Workers deemed nonessential from the impacted agencies are furloughed, while “essential” workers are required to report to their jobs, but with no guarantee of a paycheck.

While the White House may hold discussions today with congressional leadership, neither side is willing to budge on the President’s wall. The issue remains largely political – the President’s conservative base is strongly in favor of building a wall, while the Democrats feel emboldened to resist the effort after the big wins in November, propelled by voters strongly against the wall. With the Democrats taking control of the House in January, they do not feel the need to concede to the President’s demands.

There have been ongoing negotiations since the beginning of the shut down on Friday evening. On Saturday, Vice President Pence offered Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) a bill to reopen the government that would provide $2.1 billion for fencing and an additional $400 million for Trump’s other immigration priorities; Democrats countered with $1.3 billion (consistent with current spending levels) in fencing and more aid for Puerto Rico as part of a disaster package. The Senate will be back in session tomorrow afternoon and could begin consideration of any negotiated bill then.

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