Partial Government Shutdown Update: Four Days to Strike a Deal >>

December 18th, 2018

Partial Government Shutdown Update: Four Days to Strike a Deal

With the House in recess until Wednesday evening, time is running out to strike a deal before Friday evening to keep the government operational over the holidays. While 75% of federal agencies are funded for FY19, a shutdown would impact the remaining 25% of the government that has not been funded. That includes the Departments of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, State, Interior, Agriculture, Treasury, Commerce and Justice, and Homeland Security (DHS).

The President’s insistence on $5 billion for the border wall remains the hurdle to a deal. Last week’s meeting between Trump, Pence, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi yielded no tangible agreement on how to move forward. Further complicating matters, Republican leaders are concerned that not enough of the retiring/unseated Members will return from recess to pass a funding measure.

So far this week there has been no indication from the White House that the President is willing to negotiate on the wall and there is no way that Congress will appropriate those funds.

Schumer and Pelosi have lined up behind a plan requesting a one-year continuing resolution (CR) for DHS, while rolling the other six appropriations bills that still need to be passed into one omnibus bill. Democrats, as a fall back plan, have noted that if a partial government shutdown does begin on midnight on Friday they’ll take back over the House on Jan. 3 and will pass their preferred plan, a stopgap gap for DHS, then.

Republicans have said absent a big spending deal, they’d be fine with a short-term stopgap bill because it would “interrupt” the early days of Pelosi’s majority. Trump would be fighting Pelosi on immigration in January or February instead of his own party.

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