Senate Rejects the “Skinny Repeal” of the Affordable Care Act by a Vote of 49-51 >>

August 2nd, 2017

Senate Rejects the “Skinny Repeal” of the Affordable Care Act by a Vote of 49-51

In the early hours of Friday morning on July 28th, the Senate voted against the “Skinny Repeal” measure, which was a scaled down repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), by a vote of 49-51 ending attempts to repeal the ACA for now. Three Republican Senators voted against the bill, which included: Senator Susan Collins (ME), Senator John McCain (AZ), and Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK). While Senators Collins and Murkowski were expected to vote against the bill, Senator McCain’s vote against the bill was not entirely expected. McCain made a dramatic return to the Senate to vote for the motion to proceed to debate on the bill earlier in that week. As the Senate held the vote open for more than an hour, both Vice President Pence and President Trump tried to convince Senator McCain to change his vote to yes, but he refused to vote for the measure. In response to questions about why he voted against the bill, Senator McCain simply said, “I thought it was the right vote, I do my job as a Senator.”

After failing to pass different versions of an ACA repeal including the BCRA (repeal and replace) and the ORRA (repeal and delay), Senate Republican Leadership had crafted what they called a “Skinny Repeal” that would have repealed the individual mandate, repealed the employer mandate for 8 years, provided additional flexibility to state’s on implementing ACA regulations, defund Planned Parenthood and provide that funding to community health centers, repeal the medical device tax for 3 years, increase contribution limits to Health Savings Accounts, and eliminate the Center for Disease Control’s Prevention and Public Health Fund. The “Skinny Repeal” was an attempt to find a bill that would be able to pass the Senate and enable the Senate and House to set up a Conference Committee to write a new ACA repeal bill. Many Republican Senators only supported the bill after assurances from the Speaker of the House that they would engage in a Conference Committee and not just take up the Senate bill in the House.

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