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April 21st, 2017


Funding for the government expires April 28th, leaving just one week left to pass a bill in both the House and Senate and to have the President sign it. For the last two weeks, Congress has been on recess, but the Appropriations Committee Members and staff have been hard at work to finalize an Omnibus Appropriations Bill. Although both the Senate and House Appropriations Committee Members seem intent on completing negotiations for an Omnibus Appropriations Bill to finish out this fiscal year, there are at least a few issues that are proving to be hurdles to completing the bill. These include the border wall, sanctuary cities, additional defense spending, and coal miner’s benefits.

At this point, it is unclear if a final deal will be reached by next Friday. However, both Congressional Republicans and Democrats do not appear to have a significant interest in actually shutting down the government (unlike the previous shutdown). What is less clear is if the Trump Administration is willing to insist on its priorities to the point of forcing a government shutdown.

Given the continued disagreements, it is also very possible that a short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) funding the government for another week will be passed to provide more time to negotiate these issues. It is also possible that what is ultimately passed is a combination CR and Omnibus (CROmnibus) where certain appropriations bills will be a CR due to unresolvable disagreements while other appropriations bills will have new funding levels set where agreement can be reached.

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