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April 12th, 2013

President releases FY14 Budget Request

On April 10th, the President released a $3.78 trillion budget for FY14, which would cut $1 trillion in spending and raise $800 billion in new revenue over the next ten years. The President’s proposal would use $1.76 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade to replace the sequester starting in FY14, including $583 billion from new tax revenue and about $1 trillion in alternative spending cuts, with $400 billion in cuts to Medicare, mostly to drug companies and providers. Under sequestration, many tribal programs fall into the category of discretionary domestic funding. Tribes seek protection of tribal programs from sequestration, especially IHS and BIA funding, given the federal government’s trust responsibilities to Indian tribes and in return for the millions and millions of acres of land that tribes ceded memorialized in treaties with the United States. The FY14 budget request includes increases in public safety programs at the Department of Justice and BIA, increases at IHS, an increase for natural resources programs at BIA, elimination of construction funding to replace BIE school facilities, and language to address the Supreme Court’s 2009 Carcieri decision. Congressional committees have begun holding hearings on the FY14 budget.

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